Saturday, November 8, 2014

Our practice exercises are targeted to help you achieve success at the Canadian government Writing Skills Test. 

They are designed to be very close to the actual PSC Test and are intended for:

  • Candidates who are competing for a position within the Public Service of Canada and will undergo the test in English or French.
  • Public Service employees who will be tested before being considered for promotion or advancement.
  • Individuals who wish to enhance her/his Writing Skills for professional development or career advancement.

The Writing Skills Test is likely to be one of the several standardised tests that you will have to challenge before you can step into your future career within the Public Service of Canada. 

This is a unique opportunity to build-up your self-confidence, consolidate your knowledge and be well prepared before taking the real PSC Canada Tests.

Now is your chance to act, and reach your goals at the PSC Canada Writing Skills Test!